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Founded in 2013 and established in 2015, AquaNest is one of the Fastest Growing WILD and Cultured Corals Export Company that is registered in CITES management of INDONESIA. Although relatively young, AquaNest is becoming a formidable player in this industry for its superior product quality and its distribution channel. On that account, AquaNest quickly gain brand awareness among the people and media.

Based in Jakarta-INDONESIA, the facility is located only 10 minutes from Halim Perdana Kusuma International Airport. A 700-sqm corals holding facility stand in 1,200 sqm land area owned by the company. The remaining land area will be developed for further expansion of Corals Holding Facility and a Brand New Ornamental Fish Facility to meet any clients demand from the whole word.


Despite this company have focus in live stock export, AquaNest have sub Division for Fry Goods Distribution which Proudly Represent TRITON GmbH for INDONESIA since 2015. On top of that Domestically AquaNest is known as professional Tank Consultant & Builder that Provide services from residential to commercial scale aquarium.


  • INDONESIA BIGGEST indoor full lighting facility.
  • RENOWNED HIGH TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT Installed for life support corals facility.
  • A SOLID Team who work hand in hand with high integrity.
  • PROFESSIONAL Husbandry Corals Holding, where every Corals have maximum Quality Control from Coral Quarantine 

            (A Separate facility for any unhealthy corals to recover) to ensure all Corals pest-fee.

  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Offer for any Premium and Ultra Selection.
  • EXCELLENT Packing with  100%
  • INTEGRATED Shipment Handling from Farm Facility to Airport.
  • INDEPENDENT Corals Supply Chain & In-Situ / Ex-Situ Corals Facility from several islands in Indonesia.